Transfering the game progress to another device is possible if the previous account was linked with Facebook or Apple ID.
If so, download the game to the new device, and sign in to Facebook or Apple ID used previously.

🎯 We highly recommend linking the game with Facebook  / Apple ID.
However, if you do not wish to do so, but are about to change your device or reset your device, please contact us with the following information:

1. UID number on the current device
2. UID number on a new device.
3. Some evidence to confirm the old account indeed belongs to you. Do one of the following:
   - contact us from your old account once more
   - send a screenshot of your old account ('Settings' page)
   - submit the online receipt of the purchase made under the old account (if there are any)

📌 NOTE: The UID number can be found in the 'Settings' option.
📌 NOTE: Apple ID can only be used on devices with iOS 13 or later.
📌 NOTE: The method of transferring without the Apple ID or Facebook connection may take longer than connecting with the above-mentioned platforms.