First of all, we are very sorry for the inconvenience 😔

Note that such instances do happen:
1. when several applications are running at the same time
2. when device does not meet minimum system requirements.
3. when the new version of the app is heavy for the device to run its new features

❗Minimum System Requirements are:

- at least 4GB of RAM 
- free space of 200 megabytes on RAM

- at least 4GB of RAM 
- free space of 200 megabytes on RAM
- iPhone 8 or later,  iPad 5th Generation or later.
❗RAM is different from internal memory (storage) and usually varies in between 2GB ~ 18GB. It stores the "frequently" used items so that the processor does not have to go all the way to the internal memory and then find the item the user has requested for.

If the issue persists, there are several ways to fix the problem:
1. Restart your device & reenter the game.
2. Update the app to the latest version.
3. Close all the tabs and running apps
4. Reinstall the app (accounts not linked to Facebook or Apple ID will not be lost if the app was on version 1.0.86 or higher).
5. Update the device's software to the latest version.  

If the issue still does not seem to improve, try clearing the RAM (for Android devices; Apple devices are set to do RAM clearing automatically):