In order to enter the club and use bingo and other social features, a stable network is a must. Otherwise, the pop-up to check the connection will appear, and the club icon will not be shown.

The pop-up asking to check the internet will appear if:
- the network connection has been unstable for a minute
- gets confused to connect either to Wi-Fi or LTE/4G/5G (choose only one)
- if the connection weakens (stay close to the Wi-Fi router or stick to LTE/4G/5G)

❓What can be done❓

Force close the app and make sure you are close to Wi-Fi or staying with LTE/4G/5G and nothing else is interfering with your connection.
If you are on Wi-Fi but unsure if it is stable and if it is a public one shared by other people, choose an LTE/4G/5G connection.

🎯 Due to the social features added, the connection needs to be strong to play the game.