🙋 Did you have some energy help and didn't get any upon clicking to receive all or it is not being shown above on the energy bar?

This usually happens when the internet connection was weak right from entering the game. In such cases, the data may haven't been updated properly and may display the data of the previous game session, for ex:
1. the amount of energy received will show the data of the previous day or game session:
  -> might show no energy even though you received some
  -> might show some energy already collected during the last game session
2. old energy requests that were completed will remain in the chat
  -> energy helps will not be credited, but players helped may receive
      the coins
3. there might be a pop-up showing to check the network connection upon entering the chat

🎯 What can be done?

Stabilize the internet connection, force close the app and enter the game again.

The data will be updated and the most recent data will be displayed. The new data may not reflect the information displayed earlier due to the refreshing of the data.

Here is an example of 50 energy received not being displayed properly: