Start by checking your internet connection, as it has to be stable for newly purchased items to be added to the game. If the connection was lost during or right after the purchase, try restarting your device and check to see if the purchase shows up.

If the purchase still doesn't appear in the game, contact Google Play Store to request a refund for recent purchases. Refer to this link to request a refund for a Google Play purchase. Use this link if the purchase was made on App Store. 

In case, you would like to receive the in-game items as a refund, contact our customer support. Make sure to provide the following information about your purchase:
  1. UID (user identification number) that is numbered at the bottom left of the loading screen or bottom left of the Setting pop-up window.
2. The exact amount of the exact items you purchased.
3. The approximate time of your purchase.
4. A copy of the receipt or a screenshot of your purchase history. 

You can find more information about your purchase history in the customer support section on the Apple, Google, and Amazon websites.